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hipsther tireth

oh thnap thith a hella good deal we got hipsther tireth off the chain they red and yellow ath fuck front oneth look like new but back oneth hath a few thkidth in them becauthe we don't hath no breakth becauthe we tho raw but you can uthe them for like a jillion thouthand mileth uthe thethe rubbahth for anything you need bethideth birth control they tho raw oh thnap I be holding them right now you need thith thit it thayth they are 700cm but that doethn't make any god damn thenthe becauthe they aren't 23 feet in diameter tho thome bitch ith lying to uth but they are 25 mm wide tho they roll fasther than all yo bitch atheth on ecsthathy brand ith innova and they tho freth becauthe they tho colorful they hurt your eyeth to look at 15 dolla or besth offer for a pair, we got one pair in red and one in yellow hot damn get em while they in theathon.

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