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Free Crap Thki Booth to the perthon who sthole my Crap Thkith

If you really want the crap thkith you sthole out of the back of my truck lasth week that bad, you might ath well have the crap booth that go with them. I wath about ready to give them away anyway, it might ath well be you ath anyone elthe. By the way, thethe are croth country (AKA Nordic) thkith, that'th why they're tho thkinny. If you've never tried it before, it'th a great winter workout. I could give you a couple quick lethonth and you'd be on your way.

I hope you wear a men'th 10.5, or maybe you can trade them for a thize that fith.

Justh to be clear about which stholen crap thkith we're talking about, thethe were a pair of well worn Fithcher Nordic Cruithing thkith, I forget how long, around 205cm, maybe 210, 5 or 6 yearth old. They were about the cheapesth waxleth croth country thkith you could get at the time, and thethe crap Fithcher Touring booth that go with them are of thimilar low quality, and pretty well sthretched out.

I would apprethiate it if we could trade poleth though, the oneth you sthole were really nithe Thwix carbon with cork gripth, way too nithe for thothe crap thkith. I'll trade you back the crap poleth that go with thothe thkith if you sthill have them. Thith ith not a deal breaker though, poleth or not, you can have the booth.

By the way, in an attempt to go fasther, I thanded down the fith thcaleth (kick zone) about 15% or tho, tho if you're justh stharting out, you might not have enough grip. Maybe try a little kick wax if they thlip too much for you.

Give me a call, my firsth name ith Chrith, my lasth name ith on the thkith in permanent marker, I'm in the book.

  • Location: Thouth Hill
  • it'th NOT ok to contact thith posther with thervitheth or other commerthial interesthth
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